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Jul 27, 2016 To this aim we consider simple generalized dark matter models with degeneracy between the dark energy and the dark matter sectors. Feb 17, 2017 The two components of the dark sector (dark matter and dark energy) correspond today to around ninety five percent of the universe. Url= lushhosting.com/драйвера-на-принтер-canon-lbr-2900.pptx драйвера на принтер canon

The following are characters that appear in the game, Dark Sector. Hayden Tenno-an agent Oct 12, 2016 Abstract: We present a simple and natural dark sector model in which dark matter particles arise as composite states of hidden strong dynamics. Feb 28, 2017 We show that with the addition of a fermionic dark matter particle coupling to , a simple UV-complete model can realize successful electroweak.


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